We transform entrepreneurs and companies into limited partnerships.

  • Are you looking for a way to secure your private property?
  • Do you run your business on a growing scale and want to manage the risk and accountability of your business on your terms?
  • You are interested in success, but do not know how to take it?
  • Are you looking for a peaceful night's sleep in the face of a precarious legislative situation related to the rapid changing tax legislation?

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Doing business is a liquid process that is constantly changing. In this way, it is also necessary to approach the form in which economic activity is carried out.

A Single-person activity, a civil partnership or an explicit established years ago often generates too much risk on the part of the owners and associates, while the limited liability company charges their excessively high tax obligations in the form The double taxation of income tax, while exposing the members of the Board to excessively high risk of personal Property.

We are facing these problems by offering extensive experience in the transformation of companies.

We transform entrepreneurs, individuals carrying out business activities as well as civil and public companies, limited liability companies in limited liability Companies.

The process of transformation is designed and implemented comprehensively, both from the legal and accounting and tax parties with the support of the Auditor and tax advisor and chief Accountant.

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The total annual revenue of the entities that Przekształciliśmy reaches 150.000.000 zł!