Any trader who wants to avoid severe penalties should have their personal data processed under full control.

Implement a personal data security policy in your company in accordance with RODO (GDPR)-the EU regulation, which has begun to apply from 25 May 2018.

Data Protection Officer (IOD)


Audit to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (RODO).

  • RODO will significantly affect the responsibilities of the data processors and will enforce a number of changes in their protection policies in each Enterprise.

  • The proper preparation of the company for the functioning of the changed security environment requires knowledge of new responsibilities and the designation of the structure and resources to implement THEM. It is not possible to achieve this without proper identification of the starting situation, that is to say a specific inventory of the information resources held and the modalities of their processing and protection.

  • By auditing compliance with RODO, you will know to what extent the company meets the requirements of the general data Protection regulation and what actions it should take in order to be fully compatible with it.

Full text of RODO in Polish version

The full text of the general Regulation on the protection of personal data can be consulted on the EUR-Lex website, which collects all legal acts of the European Union. The Polish version of the document is located at this address.

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