Data Protection Officer (IOD)

Outsourcing IOD Data Protection Supervisor. Full Liability.

Your company has already implemented RODO?

Please note that the maintenance of compliance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation (RODO) requires the establishment of a structure responsible for the ongoing monitoring of existing business procedures and Processes.

Individuals who are to supervise the personal data protection system should ensure that they have the ability to provide information security by having expertise on rights and practices in the field of data protection, taking into account The risks associated with your business Processes.

If you hire a personal data supervisor, you should also be aware of the liability insurance because it does not correspond to more than three times your salary.

Outsourcing IOD

Our proposed takeover service (IOD) is an effective tool to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to support your personal data protection processes and complete Security.

The advantages of outsourcing data Protection Supervisor functions (IOD) Are:

  • Free audit and unified implementation of RODO for the price of IOD,
  • Control and supervision of persons responsible for the protection of personal data in companies in the group,
  • Direct Customer presence,
  • Concentration of forces and resources for the essential purposes of the activity,
  • Access to specialized knowledge of personal data protection,
  • Constant operation and monitoring of data processing operations,
  • Rationalization of operating costs,
  • Full liability insurance for IOD in the amount of 1,000,000 PLN and for a solicitor of EUR 350.000.

In the performance of the duties of the personal Data Protection Supervisor we will provide

  • Full responsibility,
  • The provision of services by certified Data protection Supervisors and solicitors,
  • Conducting cyclical audits of the personal data protection system and ad hoc audits, in the event of a message about a data protection incident or a reasonable suspicion of such an incident which ended with a report and set Recommendation
  • Supervision of the development and updating of protection policies and procedures for the processing of personal data,
  • Support in the conduct of the Register of processing operations (preparation and cyclical verification),
  • Maintain knowledge of personal data protection through training organisations for middle and senior staff and your employees and associates,
  • Participation in business process modeling for compliance with data protection regulations,
  • Opinion of clauses, regulations or other documents in respect of compliance with data protection regulations,
  • Handling of personal Data protection incidents,
  • Advising on carrying out an impact assessment for data protection,
  • Acting as a contact point for the president of the Personal data protection office,
  • Preparing response proposals for data subjects in matters relating to the processing of personal data,
  • Current support of your employees in the processing of personal Data.

Contact Ws. IOD Personal Data Protection supervisor:

Tel. 603 934 996