Tax Consultancy for companies.


Tax and control proceedings.

Advisory activities in the case of control, tax or treasury proceedings carried out at the client are intended to assist the client in dealing with tax or fiscal authorities, representation before administrative courts and To bring about a favourable settlement of the dispute.

Our services include:

  • Developing a strategy of conduct

  • Participation in proceedings as agent or customer Advisor

  • Representation of the client and the conduct of his affairs before the tax authorities, the tax control authorities, as well as the presence before the Supreme Administrative Court and provincial administrative courts, drawing up pleadings and Relations with the representatives of the tax engine and other public administrations.

  • Legal Counsel Maciej Tabert was a multiannual procedural representative of the Minister of Finance.

Current tax handling.

Proper and effective advice on the current fulfilment of tax obligations and optimisation of tax burdens is a basis for us to cooperate with the client, based on mutual trust.

Based on experience and knowledge, we strive to support our customers in order to minimise possible tax risks.

Our services include:

  • Drafting of legal and tax opinions, interpretations and explanations

  • Within the scope of the tax laws in force

  • Advising on tax planning and optimization of tax burdens, as well as the development, implementation and development of the tax strategy

  • Consultancy in the application of tax policy instruments

  • and balance Sheet

  • Construction and analysis of contracts for tax optimisation

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • The presence on behalf of the client to the Minister of Finance in order to obtain a binding interpretation of tax laws

  • Notifying of changes in tax regulations the analysis of current issues in the field of tax, PIT, CIT, VAT and other public tributes and optimization of tax burdens.

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