Company accounts outside = peace within the company.

Professional accounting Service Limited liability companies-outsourcing-together with full legal support and in the field of tax consultancy provides the comfort of the trader and guarantees the full security of the business.

Full accounting of companies.

We work on the latest, constantly updated computer programs, both financial-accounting and payroll.

The high quality of services provides professionally selected staff, using the opportunities offered by the company-permanent access to the latest publications and specialized information services.

Under the agreement, we are committed primarily to:

  • Keep records for VAT purposes,

  • Keeping records of the export and import of VAT,

  • Timely preparation of the tax returns PIT-4r, VAT-7, VAT-EU and transfer them to the Tax Office,

  • The calculation of advances on income tax,

  • Provide the necessary oral advice and opinion on tax law,

  • Preparation of annual CIT and PIT settlements,

  • Reconcile balances with counterparties,

  • Preparing balance confirmations,

  • Preparation of quarterly Reports

In addition, we prepare comprehensive financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, additional information, statement of changes in equity), together with proposals for filing in the National Court register.

We invite you to contact us in the field of trading books. Full accounting of companies. Accounts of companies Leszno Rawicz Gostyń Wolsztyn Kościan.

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